his is a pretty unique product that’s actually really useful for JUUL® device owners.

One of the appealing aspects of the JUUL® device is its sleek design, so obviously you’d want a sleek case to go with it. Jmate Case is attractive and fitting of the JUUL® device.


Model: PCC

Dimension: 100*56*12mm

Material: Aluminium Alloy + Plastic

Capacity: 1200mAh

Input: 5V 1A

Output: 5V 500mAh

Compatible with JUUL® device

Pod Storage: Two ( Sold Separately )

Note: U.S. orders will be shipped out from our CA warehouse, it will take about 5 business days to arrive now! 

Obviously, this JUUL® Charging Case adds a lot of bulk to the JUUL® device. It slides right into pockets or bags and stays mostly unnoticeable. The 1200mAh battery in the Jmate holds enough charge to be able to fully charge a JUUL® device four times

How to use Jmate:

(1)Take the pod off of JUUL® device and slide the JUUL® device into the charging slot;

(2)Seal the top of the Jmate. That seal helps push the JUUL® device into the charging pins;

The Jmate has two storage slots for pods. You need to reserve one of those slots for the pod that is being used when you can’t charge the JUUL® device with a pod attached.

Charge the Jmate:

Plug it into a micro-USB charging cable. It takes about 90 minutes to come to a complete charge if the battery is dead. White LED light on the bottom flashing while it’s charged and it will stay solid when it’s done charging.



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